10 Benefits of Getting Your Vehicle Wrapped

1. Fully Customizable
Your vehicle wrap can have as much or as little design as you want. You can choose to add pictures of your product or service, as well as whatever logos, messages, and colors you want. Since the colors are printed instead of painted, you have unlimited options for the vibrant colors you want to make your design stand out. Our designer will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your custom vinyl vehicle wrap.

2. Attention-Grabbing
Getting your vehicle wrapped will undoubtedly help your company stand out compared to other cars, whether it is driving or parked at a location. Your custom design will immediately turn heads as people will be intrigued to learn more about your company and what you have to offer. Passing drivers are much more likely to pay attention to a brightly colored, custom designed vehicle wrap instead of a plain white van driving on the highway.

3. Cost-Effective
Compared to other forms of marketing that require monthly payments to maintain coverage, a vehicle wrap is a one-time payment. There are no investments or additional fees required after you purchase your wrap, and it can generate impressions for several years. Want to increase your reach? No additional cost necessary- just spend more time on the road!

4. Thousands of Impressions
A vinyl vehicle wrap can help you reach tens of thousands of viewers every month, maybe more, depending on how many vehicles you own that are wrapped, how often they are on the road, and how far they travel. Your audience can easily increase based on how often the vehicle is driven, reaching people in several demographics, versus only a select few.

5. Unlimited Locations
Unlike billboards, magazines, or even television commercials, your vinyl vehicle wrap is not stuck targeting people driving the same way to work every day, or gravitating towards the same media. A vinyl vehicle wrap is a great way for mobile advertising, giving you complete control over who is exposed to your company. You can choose to drive it in the same places, or expand out of the local area and take different routes to get more coverage. With almost all other forms of marketing, you don’t have the flexibility to do so.

6. Produced with High Quality Materials
At Slicks Graphics, we have options for intermediate and high performance wrap lines, both coming with the manufacture warranties from Avery and 3M. The materials we use are top of the line, from the inks and laminates to the actual vinyl material, producing the leading wraps in the industry.

7. Making Changes is Hassle-Free
There’s no need to worry about wanting changes to your vinyl vehicle wrap, because it is hassle-free and able to be done at any time! We can add or remove lettering on your vehicle, as well as reprint and reinstall overlays with updated logos, graphics, or details about your business.

8. No Damage to the Vehicle
If you reach the decision to remove your wrap for either a personal reason or to sell the vehicle, the vinyl vehicle wrap can be removed without causing damage to the body underneath. Vehicle wraps actually help preserve the quality of the car’s original OEM paint, protecting it from natural weathering effects, small dents, and scratches.

9. Non-Aggressive Advertising
Many consumers do not like advertising that is overly aggressive or pushing a company in their face. A vinyl vehicle wrap is a non-aggressive way to still grab people’s attention with a striking design, but the potential customer won’t mind it as much. Many people enjoy looking at custom vehicle wraps, and therefore are much more interested in the company. It would not be distracting or disturbing them from enjoying something else like a magazine or listening to the radio.

10. No Negative Feedback
Now that you’ve heard about the benefits of getting your vehicle wrapped, you’re probably wondering about the downside. Good news- there isn’t one! As a one time cost, it is effective with both price and impressions, expanding your audience to anyone that you want to see your wrap. You can choose exactly where and for how long you want people to be exposed to your vinyl vehicle wrap, and you have complete control in however many places you want it to be taken.

With proper care and maintenance, your vinyl vehicle wrap will last for several years, causing people to turn heads wherever you go. If you want changes to the design? No problem! And, if you decide you don’t want it wrapped anymore, the vinyl wrap can easily be removed, hassle-free, without causing damage to the paint or body underneath. Continue to read about our vehicle wraps, maintenance, and warranties at www.slicksgraphics.com/vehicle-wraps.

If you would like more information to get started on your vinyl vehicle wrap, please contact a member of our team here at Slicks Graphics at 800-792-6951 or info@slicksgraphics.com. We would love to work with you!