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Secret Benefits of Trailer Wraps
Especially for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner and are your trailers a vital part of how you run it? Whether its construction, hauling or a hip mobile shop – trailer wraps are incredibly useful to your small business that you would be only holding yourself back if you didn’t get one. Your trailers’ job is to haul your products or your tools of the trade, but it can do so much more. So let’s talk about how a trailer wraps benefit your business. 

Which trailer sounds like it’s from a more professional company? A plain white, maybe a little dirty trailer? Or a trailer that looks clean, colorful and has the company name on it? The latter trailer looks more professional of course! So just by having a wrap, you not only increase the visual credibility of your company but also make your trailer into a moving advertisement. Let all the potential customers you drive by everyday while working know your business is there!

For a small business, a trailer wrap is a quick and effective way to make it clear that your company can compete. Stand out despite the bigger names out there! You might be “small” but you don’t have to look like it. Wraps can last up to five years and you only pay one time to get it installed. When you think about it you’re investing in years of advertising and strengthening your brand simply by making your trailer look nice. Imagine the level of pride you’ll feel when you arrive at a client’s house with your amazing looking trailer. Think about how many more customers you can get now that they see your brand in their neighborhood.

From enclosed trailers to tractor trailers - Slicks Graphics are the premier wrapping company!

A secret benefit to trailer wraps is that also protects the trailer from UV rays, debris, and other wear and tear. No one likes to look at a peeling paint job or a dirty trailer parked outside their property. Being protected, taking on fewer damages, means the trailer can work longer for your business. It also helps retain resale value, so if you need to sell to get an upgrade you’ll get a better deal than if the trailer wasn’t protected. Trailer wraps are removable without causing damage, so when its time to update your look it’ll be an easy transition.

To get the most out of your trailer wrap you’ll want expert knowledge in design and installation. Slicks Graphics takes pride in making sure you have the best of the best. Our team will help you with making the best decisions, from materials to effective design layouts and choosing the best options for a fully customized trailer wrap. Slicks strive to get you optimal results so your investment is worth-while. We are ready to take on trailers of any kind, including enclosed and tractor-trailers of all sizes.

If you’re in PA or NJ and need a small business trailer wrap – we can handle the installation as well as the design. Are you not in those areas? We have a network of 3M certified installers nationwide that can get the job done right. Ready to take your business to the next level or have questions? Give us a call at (215) 736-8000 or email us at

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