Channel Lettering Signs

What Are Channel Lettering Signs?

What Are Channel Lettering Signs

Channel lettering signs are an extraordinary way to identify and brand a business. These 3-D signs capture the attention of customers and attract new clients driving by. The individual lighting on each letter’s colors and fonts that match the business’s branding. In order to choose the best option that fits in with your small business needs, it’s helpful to learn the basics.

Office buildings, retail stores, banks and hospitals are a few of the many buildings that display channel lettering signs. These three-dimensional graphics feature individual letters with separate illumination for each individual channel. Because there is a wide variety of colors, fonts and sizes, you can design a unique letter pattern that lets customers immediately connect with your brand. The basic characters include numbers, letters, and punctuation and each element is constructed from lightfast materials, such as aluminum sheeting and acrylic, to help maintain its appearance and to ensure long-lasting use.

Channel lettering also does not need LED lighting or other electronics – it can simply be individual letters or graphics. These can be installed in buildings such as offices or retail stores, but can function very well on the exterior of a building as well. Whichever channel lettering style suits your brand best or is the most cost-effective to you, Slicks Graphics is ready to build it.

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