Cargo Van Wrap Design Proof

Custom Work Van Wraps Make A Major Impression

Are you in a business where your work heavily depends on your cargo van? Additionally, does your work van look like it could be for any company? That is a big problem! Firstly, it doesn’t look professional. A blank cargo van comes off as almost suspicious. Your business should never be associated with words like shady! Second, you’re missing out on major advertising opportunities! Everywhere you drive or park is a possible opportunity to gain a new customer. How can you attract potential customers with a blank van? You can’t! But this is a solvable problem – you need to get a custom van wrap or graphics. 


Van wraps and graphics can take your van from blah to wow! There are many design and film options, the change can be either dramatic or subtle, the choice is yours. Below we have two very different examples of wraps but on similar cargo vans. They both started as a blank van, by looks alone you’d never tell what companies they belonged to. After the wraps were designed and installed, it is now unmistakable what work these vans do.

Van before custom van wrap

Here is a blank van before any wraps are installed. Can you tell what company owns it? Probably not.

Full Work Van Wrap

Example one. This is a full van wrap with a very cool custom design!

Custom Work Van Graphics

Example two. This is a van with custom graphics instead of a full wrap.

Take your Cargo Van from Blah to Wow with a Van Wrap!

The first cargo van had a complete makeover! Unlimited Installations took a dramatic full van wrap approach. Their work van wrap design took their all-white look and gave it a great looking gradient. In the back, where it returns to white is an image of a monitor. This helps passersby recognize the service Unlimited Installations provides. Some splashes of red van graphics and text and the wrap is complete. While eye-catching it is not too busy for anyone to quickly get the info they need about your company. This wrap makes it easy to make potential customers become actual customers! 


The second cargo van had a more subtle wrap installed instead. There is never anything wrong with keeping your van graphics nice and simple! Despite not adding as much style, this van wrap is still a massive improvement from being just blank. Bohren’s van graphics make their company’s info completely clear and easily accessible. Even with this low-key wrap design, there are still creative choices that can be made. They can mix up their choice in work van graphic colors by adding different colors for different services under the same company. Either way, their new partial van wrap looks very professional. 

Full wraps, partial wraps and custom graphics all available for your company van!

In conclusion, it’s easy to see just how much of a difference even a simple van wrap can make. Both of those cargo vans look significantly better than when they were blank. Consider what impressions you want potential customers to get when they look at your work van. If you’re ready to change your plain cargo van into a mobile billboard then give us a call. At Slicks Graphics we strive to make the perfect custom van wrap for your company! Check out our van wraps page for more information. You can also always feel free to contact us about work van graphic options!