What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed

Get Your Business Found on Google by Getting Google Guaranteed

Google released a new concept called The Google Guarantee which is provided by their Local Services section. It is described as a badge that customers online can see and know that your a trusted local company and backed up by Google. Since only companies that pass a screening and qualification process, customer can feel confident they are picking a quality service provider. Moreover, being backed by Google means that if for some reason a customer wasn’t satisfied by the work quality Google may be the one who pays for the service, rather than the customer. In a way it is an assurance for both customers and business owners, but it will only cover jobs scheduled via Google Local Services.

Customers using a Google Guaranteed business is assured up to $2,000 in money back should the service be unsatisfactory and their claim approved for reimbursement. Don’t worry Google will ask for your side of the story should a claim ever be filed, so you’ll have a say as well. It is said that it can cost less than running a Google Ad, and has a more promising increase in business.

Google Guaranteed

How To Get Google Guaranteed

To get the badge and be considered Google Guaranteed you’ll have to sign up for it. See the list below for the currently accepted industries. Be on the lookout for your service, as Google is currently expanding the Google Guaranteed list of eligible businesses.

If you are one of the service types on the list, feel free to sign up. Having a Google My Business or Google Local or Google Ads account will be helpful in the process. It’s a relatively easy sign up. You’ll need to put in your business information. But unlike other Google accounts, signing up will require more extensive information as well such as verifying insurance or local licensing and a background check.

Once all of this is submitted and approved your business will get the badge! Businesses with badges are more likely to show up first in searches and are said to receive calls for services fairly quickly and frequently once being Google Guaranteed. So while yes, the signing up process is extensive and detailed many claim it is worth it for the boost in business that comes with passing the qualification process.

Industries Eligible for Google Guarantee​

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