How to Keep Your Graphics Looking Brand New

At Slicks Graphics, we have been installing car wraps in Philadelphia for over nine years. We proudly feature high-quality 3M products for our car wraps and graphics. Maintaining your vehicle graphic is simple and straightforward, and you can use the following tips to keep your vehicle looking like it just left our installation facility in Bucks County, PA.

Washing By Hand

Hand washing your customized graphic is the preferred method to maintain its sheen, but there are times you may have to take it through the car wash. While touchless car washes are the best way to care for your graphic properly, brushed car washes tend to be more prevalent. However, always remember that a brushed car wash can potentially cause scratching, lifting of the edge of the graphic, or dulling.

Using Pressure

If hand washing isn’t an option, a pressure washer may be used under certain conditions.

When using a pressure washer, always be sure to:

  • Keep the pressure below 2000 PSI
  • Keep the water temperature below 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use a 40-degree wide-angle spray pressure washer nozzle
  • Keep the nozzle one foot away from the graphic
  • Keep the nozzle perpendicular to the graphic

Battling Contaminants

If you experience any contaminants on your graphics such as bird droppings, tar, or tree sap, provide it with some extra care. For particularly troublesome spots, you can use a solution of 2 parts isopropyl alcohol to 1 part water. Be sure to always test your special cleaning products in an inconspicuous place before applying to the graphic. In the case of a fuel spill, immediately wipe off the graphic with a dry towel to avoid damaging the adhesive.

Storing Indoors

Protect your graphics from exposure to the elements. Over time, pollutants, sunlight, and heat can degrade the finish of your graphic. Whenever possible, store your vehicle in a garage or use a weatherproof car cover to avoid damage to your wrap.

Since 2008, we have been the go-to installer for van wraps in Burlington County and the surrounding areas of Bucks County and Mercer County. Slicks Graphics is committed to helping you keep your vehicle graphic looking brand new. Following these steps will ensure longevity and vibrancy of your car wrap. For more information, give us a call at 800-792-6951.