Perception is Everything

Don’t let shoddy graphics spoil your company’s image.

At Slicks Graphics, we recognize that perception is everything in the world of business. Even the most excellent companies will find it hard to overcome negative brand associations. Anything that carries a business’ name must serve to enhance a sense of confidence and reinforce quality. This concept remains especially true for visual advertisements. Because of this, every wall graphic or vehicle wrap we install in Chester County and the surrounding areas serves as a defining example of our deatil-oriented work.

If a prospect sees peeling and discolored wall graphics intended to advertise a company’s latest product line, you can’t anticipate anything good. They will immediately develop a negative bias against the company itself, and would you blame them? To be honest, you’d probably do the same. Even if a company’s resources are some of the best in the industry, negative perceptions prove extremely difficult to overcome. The reputation of a company can only go so far, so if the graphics aren’t holding up as they should, and the company doesn’t back their products, why would a customer choose to stay?

With this in mind, we have collected a few tips intended to help businesses maintain consistent brand associations. Identify your compan’y message, find your voice, and stand out from the crowd: you’re golden.

Identify Your Company’s Message

What are your company’s core values? How do you fulfill your customers’ needs? Try to drill down to the very core of your company. What makes your business unique? At this stage, the more specific you can get, the better. You can only understand your customers to the extent that you understand your company’s most fundamental goals.

Find Your Voice

Although it may feel odd to ascribe a personality to an organization, the most successful businesses have a strong sense of identity. This personality should cooperate with your company’s message and shine through in anything that someone could identify with your brand. Advertisements and products alike should reflect a consistent and maintain an easily identifiable voice.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Last, but not least, try to set yourself apart from the competition. What can your company provide that others cannot? What sets your products and services apart? Originality and brand recognition go hand-in-hand. One of the easiest ways to stand out is to use only the most striking graphics in your marketing efforts.

High-quality graphics, like this example of the Kerper Racing trailer from Slicks, promote positive brand perception.

The above image serves as just one instance of the excellent work Slicks Graphics produces on a consistent basis. We will stop at nothing to help our customers maximize their brand awareness. To get a quote for vehicle wraps in Bucks County or elsewhere in the tri-state area, call us at 800-792-6951.