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Our full-service sign division is committed to creating a streamlined experience from start to finish. Known for our dedication to the craft, we are able to grasp the essence of your brand and transform it into a visual that demands attention. Entrusting your business identity to Slicks Graphics is a decision that helps your brand make an impact with quality design, style and superior craftsmanship and as a result your new commercial signage will exceed industry expectations.

Creating signs that
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Castrol monument sign
Quality Inn Sign Repair by Slicks Graphics, Inc.
Silvi Materials Entrance Monument Sign
Big Lots Pylon Sign Installation
Wendy's Pylon Sign Panel Replacement

Business signs serve as silent heralds of your brand’s identity and values. Crafting a sign that encapsulates the essence of your business is no trivial feat, it demands a design that combines aesthetic appeal with clear messaging and durability to withstand the test of time. The artistry involved in creating such signs should not only showcase your brand’s logo and colors but also resonate with the ethos of your target audience, creating an indelible impression upon first glance. Whether it’s the boldness of a pylon sign shining through the night or the understated elegance of wrought iron detailing, your business sign is more than just a nameplate; it’s a declaration of your presence in the commercial arena, an invitation to onlookers to step into your world and experience what sets you apart. 

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are 3D letters that can be individually mounted or attached to form a sign of your choosing. The options are limitless between lighting, colors, fonts, and sizes. We use a routing machine and channel bender, guaranteeing the fabrication process is perfect every time.

Upgrade Your Older Channel Letter Signage With New LED Lighting & Lenses

Governor Mifflin School Channel Letter Installation
Lawall backlit LED channel letter sign illuminated at night
Smileflossophy LED Backlit Interior Office Sign
Lucca Channel Letter Sign Illuminated at night
Locketts Collision Supply Routed PVC Channel Letters And Custom Signage

How Are channel letter signs mounted?

Depending on your budget, the style of the channel letter, and the size, you may want to consider the pros and cons of each mounting option.

Shot Hills2Go Catering Custom Channel Letters

Raceway Channel Letters

A raceway mount is a metal box that the channel letters sit on that houses all the electrical wires and power supply for each letter. This is the least invasive mounting option, as fewer holes would need to be drilled into the facade of the building itself. This is also the cheapest option, however, it might not be the most visually appealing choice depending on the overall design.

Backer Mounted Channel Letters for Morrisville Tavern

Backer Mounted

A backer mount is similar to a raceway mount, but it has some key differences. It's not just a metal box that runs along the length of the channel letter characters, but rather is a panel or cabinet larger than the whole design that sits behind the entire set. Like the raceway mount, it houses the electrical wires and power that is supplied to each individual character. These backer mounts can be fashioned into different shapes from a flat rectangular panel to a backing that follows the curvature and shapes of the channel letters.

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Flush Mounted

Flush mounts are installed directly onto the façade of the building. This method requires no extra panels or boxes for the letters to be attached to. Because there are no boxes to discreetly house the wires, the power source must be housed behind the building's wall or façade. While this is the most expensive option, this clean and unhindered look might be what best represents your brand. If so, then it is well worth the investment.

Our Process

Right from the start, you'll delight in collaborating with our skilled and amiable designers as they craft a captivating new sign for your business.

Our enthusiastic sign fabricators operate cutting-edge CNC machines, benders, welders, and printers in-house to craft exceptional finished products that truly stand out.

No matter where your business stands on the map, our extensive network of skilled installers are on deck and ready to professionally install your new sign.

Types Of Channel Letter Signs

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Back-lit channel, face illuminated, or standard channel letters are the most popular type of channel letter sign. The backing and return are made of aluminum or another type of sheet metal and is fitted with an acrylic or poly-carbonate face, usually colored with a translucent film, as well as fitted with a trim cap. This allows the light to shine through only the front of the sign which brings maximum visibility to your storefront or building at night, able to be from the street by passing drivers.

Kumon Channel Letter Raceway Mounted Sign


Halo lit channel letter signs, also known as reverse lit channel letters, are essentially the opposite of front-lit signs. The backing of the sign, instead of an opaque aluminum, is made from a clear acrylic so that light can shine through it from behind. The dimensional letters and logos themselves are raised away from the façade so that light can shine through and diffuse. The face is then fitted with aluminum so that no light can shine through the front. This type of lighting is very professional and clean and therefore very suitable for sophisticated or corporate businesses.

Cabinet Signs

Slicks Graphics excels in the mastery of cabinet sign construction. These luminous beacons of business identity are meticulously designed to demand the gaze of passersby, encapsulating the essence of a brand in a mere glance.

Upgrade Your Older Cabinet Signs With New Faces & Lenses

National Pools & Spa Promotional Window Graphics
Swellwash Cabinet Box Sign
Global Services Storefront Sign
Philly Pretzel Factory Sign Installation

LED Backlit SIGNS & Lighting Services

Halo lighting | Lightbox Signs | Cabinet Signs | Interior business Signage | LED Conversion

An LED backlit sign with vibrant graphics is a great way to stand out beyond all hours of the day.

LED backlit signs are a bright, energy-efficient alternative to traditional ballast lighting signage. Our backlit cabinet signs are made with high-performance lighting components by Hanley LED and built from precision cut sheets of acrylic and poly-carbonate materials.

A Slicks Graphics sign for your business’s storefront will be ready to withstand the test of time in all weather conditions. The translucent films are made with cast vinyl materials by 3M & Brightline.

We can fabricate the perfect fit for your business, from halo-illuminated signs to cabinets. Want to upgrade your existing signage? We offer optional LED sign conversion and LED sign lighting retrofit services.  

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LED Backlit Monument Sign Solutions
led sign upfit
Illuminated Sign Installation

Custom Metal Signs

Express your business with an array of eye-catching and durable custom metal signs. Choose from rustic and rusted metal signs to illuminated intricate laser-cut designs. We also offer low-maintenance composite hybrid ACM panels. Make a statement while providing way-finding or a branding solution that will last for years. Contact us for more information or a FREE estimate on our custom metal signs for your brand.

Need Installation Assistance?  Our Team Of Professional Sign Installers Can Help

Nikos Custom PVC Routed Letters And Metal Framed Wooden Sign
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get Your Business seen
With A Pylon Sign

 Our state-of-the-art CNC machines will ensure that your pylon sign will be unique, eye-catching, and built to last. For projects that require lighting, we use Hanley LED modules. Hanley uses cutting-edge technology to create energy-efficient lighting systems that require little to no maintenance.

Wendy's Pylon Sign Repair
sign company nj
metal signs bucks county
MAW Construction Illuminated Roadside Pylon Sign
metal signs
Knable's Auto Body Pylon Sign
Lucca Pylon Sign Installation
Big Lots Pylon Sign Installation

Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding signs that typically sit lower to the ground. From the strength of brick to the elegance of tile and stonework, foundation constructions feature a wide variety of solid materials that provide essential stability for any monument sign. A wide range of materials gives you more options, so we can produce an extremely high-end sign to match your brand image. Monument signs can also be illuminated with LED lighting to show off your stylish sign at all hours.

Castrol monument sign
Anthony & Sylvan Pools Corporate Headquarters Monument Sign Designed and Installed by Slicks Graphics
301 Oxford Valley Road Monument Sign
Power Construction LED Illuminated Monument Sign
Nikos Custom Channel Letter Wooden Sign Fully Installed On Their Property
monument sign system

Unparalleled Dedication

With over fifteen years of unwavering commitment, our craft has been honed to produce not just signs, but a physical representation of brand identity that capture the essence of your business. Each stroke of design and every bold color is a testament to the unparalleled dedication we hold towards creating signs that demand attention and captivate the imagination. Melding expertise with innovative techniques, we deliver more than a message; we bring your vision to life in high-definition detail. Whether locally cherished or spread across the corners of the nation, our quality signage arrives at your doorstep with reliable nationwide shipping, ensuring that no matter where you are, exceptional signage is always within reach. With pride in our hearts and excellence as our guide, we stand ready to amplify your presence and leave an indelible mark in the minds of all who gaze upon your sign.

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From complete sign fabrication to business sign removals, repairs, creative indoor signage, and LED conversions, Slicks Graphics is your go-to full-service sign company for high-quality signs and professional installation services. 

We can manufacture and ship many sign systems nationwide. We have a vast network of partners with other installers capable of tying in your new sign system. So stop searching for sign companies near me and contact Slicks Graphics today for a unique and memorable sign!

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