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Why Your Web Hosting Service Provider Is A Vital Factor To Your SEO Rankings

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A lot of factors go into how your site ranks in search engines such as content quality, content length, the freshness of the site and backlinks. SEO ranking can be the difference between being busy with business or getting no new customers. One factor you may not know about is that your hosting service affects your ranking significantly. If you’re just starting in the competitive world of the web or want to find a way to improve your visibility then you don’t want to ignore looking at who is hosting your site. 

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How does Hosting Services affect your SEO?

Speed is vital to ranking. How slow your page loads will affect the users’ experience and search engines like Google take that into heavy consideration. No one wants to wait for content to load, so sites that are slow won’t rank well. A lot of factors go into your speed, such as how your site is built behind-the-scenes and how busy your site is in general. If you have a site that should be going fast but isn’t, then its time to look at your web hosting server.

Hosting services have a direct impact on your uptime and downtime. The concept is straight forward if your sites down then people can’t access its content. Search engines are constantly scanning websites and sites that are down get skipped and won’t rank. Don’t settle for any service that offers less the 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Repeat after us: location, location, location! This applies to real estate but also applies to websites. Let’s say, as an example, a user is searching in the UK. Then sites on UK hosting servers are going to rank before sites from other countries and if they happen to search for a site that has an out-of-country hosting service then the site will load slower. We already know loading speed hurts SEO ranking. So knowing where you want your site to rank is an important factor in deciding which hosting service you should work with.

Hosting Provider & Website Security

Security is a big topic for the online world, and your site’s security will affect SEO rankings. If a search engine thinks your site isn’t secure or might be dangerous then your site won’t rank. A website with low security will also be more susceptible to attackers. Before choosing a web host you want to make sure they have security options and offer defense support to protect your site. A secure site is a site that ranks.

It’s no secret that search engines like Google prefer HTTPS sites of HTTP. This relates to web security. Many are making the switch, but to do that you need to check that your hosting company has the proper certificates. If they do it should be no problem to become an HTTPS site. But if they don’t then its time to switch for a better server! An extra tip: make sure you pick a hosting service that has great tech support! Nothing is worse than something going wrong with your site and the tech support isn’t helpful! 

The web hosting provider is like the base of a tree, and your site is one of its branches. You want to be on a strong base, not a weak one that can’t support its branches. So whether you’re almost ready to make your site live or if you are looking to improve what you already have- make sure your site is coming from a great web hosting provider.

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