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Why does a pickup truck wrap have such importance to a company? Especially one that not only serves customers nationally, but also has local locations and dozens of vehicles! This seems very expensive and unnecessary right? Its more importance than one might think! Why? The answer is brand consistency. Brand consistency and recognition is vital in today’s fiercely competitive market.

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BrightView depends on the use of vehicle wraps to help distinguish their brand and unify their various locations. Similarly, just like every Wawa or McDonalds looks the same no matter where you travel. By wrapping all of their pickup trucks and specialty equipment with matching the same graphic layout, they have achieved unity. They started from an original mess of varying designs and color schemes to a uniformed brand.

For those of you who may not understand the history of BrightView, lets go over it. The “B” stands for Brickman…the fleet of tan landscaping trucks that dominate the east coast. Meanwhile the “V” stands for Valley Crest, a fleet of red trucks and trailers. The new clean and simple wrap design allows brand unity for the two merging enterprises. This was a must for their marketing department! Otherwise there would have been massive confusion with existing customers from either company. Meaning a customer might feel not only confused but frustrated if they see a seemingly different brand than they hired working on their job. It gives off the impression of instability and unreliability.

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This project also relied on the 3M MCS warranty. This elite guarantee that gave all trucks a 5 year warrant. Every vehicle wrapped using 3M’s high-performance cast wrapping film is covered. Thus the investment is protected from vertically applied adhesive and ink failures for 1 year.

This project handled pickup truck wraps by the dozens! Ranging from the Langhorne, PA branch to greater NY, and across the Midwest to more than 50 other locations. Additionally, they are now combined with the Valley Crest fleets. By far this was one of the largest fleet wrap projects Slicks Graphics, Inc. has been heavily involved with.

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