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Reflective Truck Lettering and Truck Wraps

When you are looking for reflective truck lettering, it is very important to consider various reflective material options. Traditionally, leaders 3M and Avery Dennison have produced reflective vinyl with special glass beads that would only reflect light directly back to its light source. An example would consider a back door of a box truck wrapped with a reflective film like 3M 680 or even 3M 680cr…reflective wrap films that would only illuminate 100% when your car with headlights was directly behind that truck wrap. While very effective to help promote a bright, energetic message after the sun goes down throughout Philadelphia, Bensalem or even the rest of Pennsylvania, there have been new advances to the reflective line up allowing better visibility at night with your reflective truck wraps and lettering.

3M IJ780 is our solution to next level reflective wraps and graphics. This film allows a light source (your potential customer) to emit light at any angle to the reflective truck wrap and the section illuminated will glow at full impact. In essence, your reflective graphics will stand out with a 180 degree perspective from anybody following your vehicle with almost any light source.

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