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Wall Wraps & Graphics

Interior graphics and wall wraps are an incredible way to improve an office, convey a message or even carry an entire exhibit in some of the most reputable museums around the world. Our office branding, 3M vinyl wall graphics can be found in many of our commercial clients facilities including McCollister’s, Kencor Elevator, and Princeton University. With removable adhesive properties and combined 3D PVC routed letters we manufacture in-house, you can end up with really cool wall, door, elevator wraps and graphics, temporary window graphics, or even cafeteria wall graphics when partnering with Slicks for your next interior upgrade.

Commercial Interior Graphics

Interior vinyl wraps and wall graphics are an excellent way to boost morale in the office. By adding elevator wraps, door wraps, ceiling graphic design, or interior graphics throughout the building, you can create a fun and inviting environment that will make employees feel more comfortable, welcomed, and motivated. Wall wraps and wall graphics are also a great way to add some personality to your office space. Not only do they look great, but they can also help promote your brand or company culture. Museum-quality wall graphics can even help create an air of sophistication and professionalism. Whether you’re looking to liven up your office space or simply want to give your employees a little boost, interior vinyl wraps and wall graphics are a great option.

Wall Wraps

Want to spruce up your office? Give one of our long lasting, customizable wall wraps or commercial wall murals a try. The removable adhesive makes removal easy and allows interchangeable graphics too! We have finishes ranging from matte all the way through gloss options, so there is always a perfect film just waiting to bring your idea to life. Wall wraps can be customized with any design idea or graphic thanks to our friendly team of artists here who will always go above & beyond expectations when working with you. 

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Custom Wall Graphics and Letting

Museum Wraps

Serving the museum graphics industry is no small task. Thus, we cater to those looking for pristine museum quality wall wraps and graphics. We are a 3M Architecturally endorsed company dedicated to precision installations. Moreover, we offer high definition photo-graphics, caption signage and more.

Our work can be seen throughout Princeton University, The Grounds For Sculpture Museum and other exhibits for those interested in examples of our work.

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Museum wall graphics installed by Slicks Graphics
Museum wall graphics installed by Slicks Graphics
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Wall Lettering
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Door Wraps

You are never limited to just the walls of your space. Our high performance vinyl can be applied to almost anything! Make the entrance of your classroom, office, business or exhibit a part of the guest experience. We can design and install the perfect door wrap for your space today!

Door wall graphics
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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be the perfect solution for businesses, schools, museums and more. There are many reasons why companies utilize durable floor graphics in their buildings such as wayfinding floor signage.

Ikea is a perfect example of using graphics for floor wayfinding in their buildings. Our durable, high performance vinyl’s can withstand the daily foot traffic of your building. From creating a safer work environment or an immersive space to pushing a brand’s style further – our durable, custom-made floor graphics can be the perfect solution for your needs.

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Social Distancing and custom Floor Decals

COVID-19 has taught us all to be more safe conscious, and we want to help your business, school or company safe by offering social distancing and safety graphics solutions.

Keep your employees and guests safe during COVID-19 with our social distancing graphics and sanitized table signs. From posters to floor decals, let us help you keep everyone safe!

Health and Safety Floor Signs

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a cost-effective way to attract attention to your business. They can be used to promote special sales, events, or products, and they can be tailored to fit any window size. Window graphics are also a great way to add privacy to your business. By blocking out sunlight, window graphics can help keep your office or store cool, and they can also help reduce glare on computer screens. In addition, window graphics can help protect your furniture and flooring from fading due to sun exposure.

Whether you’re looking for a way to attract attention to your business or you’re simply looking for a way to add privacy, window graphics are an ideal solution.

Red Rose Rejuvenation Vinyl Window Graphics
C&M Auto Parts Exterior Window Graphics and Fleet Wraps by Slicks Graphics

Interior Graphics that will make an impression!

Wall wraps are a great way to promote your organization and brighten up a room by adding striking designs or background imagery. The possibilities for designing wall wraps are endless and are bound to boost moral and spruce up the walls anywhere throughout the office. The wall wraps and graphics we build are great for offices, show rooms, exhibits, museums, and much more. We can install our products on both exterior and interior surfaces, giving you more choices for meeting your promotional goals. Advertising new products or services? Spreading awareness of your brand? Looking to make your office space more appealing? Whatever your objectives might be, Slicks Graphics can help.

We believe that every successful graphics installation shares certain elements in common. With each project, we strive to produce eye-catching wall wraps and graphics with consistent coloration. Additionally, we make sure to choose the correct materials for each job. Even the most stunning wall graphics will quickly dull or otherwise deteriorate if executed incorrectly. Our trained professionals and certified installers work together to make sure your wall wraps are destined for success, from the initial design to the application of the vinyl.

We are a 3M Architecturally endorsed company dedicated to precision installations. Your never restricted to just your walls either, our team of designers and installers can apply vinyl graphics on almost any surface. Moreover, we offer high definition photo-graphics, caption signage and more for museum-quality wraps. We’ve worked jobs big and small, from local firehouses to Princeton University.

Every customer deserves peace of mind – 3M and Avery Dennison have trained and certified our production and installation departments, allowing us to offer full manufacturer warranties unrivaled in the wall graphics industry. Our partnership with these companies also allows us to continually hone our craft while increasing our efficiency in wall wraps.

These represent just a few of the many options we offer. For all of our graphics, we use our 3M and Avery Dennison-certified eco-solvent printers to create beautiful, high-definition imagery that resists the elements. No matter the size or scope your project, we have the ability to execute it while maintaining superior quality.

Make an impression on the visitors that come to your site. From short-term graphics designed for easy removal or long-term graphics that will last for years, we have all the wall installation solutions you could ever need.

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