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Social Distancing Signage For COVID-19

Social Distancing Signage

Check out our vinyl graphics catering various safety signage. Social distancing graphics are the talk of today’s business owners looking to guide their customers safely through their stores following COVID-19 strict rules and guidelines mandated by local Governors and officials. Let Slicks Graphics help you guide your customers safely by taking advantage of our removable floor graphics with anti-slip laminates, or vinyl graphics that adhere to your walls without damaging the surface the film is applied to on most qualifying surfaces. Have questions on the application rules of our products, we are available by phone at 215-736-8000 any time Monday thru Friday 9:00 am- 6:00 pm EST.

Need A Custom Sign or Graphics?

We can print a roll of smaller safety graphics, or extra large wall graphics or even fat floor graphics. Maybe escalator graphics?  Check out our interior graphics page for more information about our wall and floor graphic capabilities. Additionally we recommend checking out our commercial signs page for custom metal or illuminated signage options for your business.

COVID-19 Safety Signage Solutions

Slicks Graphics can help you with the rest of the Philadelphia Government’s suggestions! We specialize in custom signs, vinyl graphics, informative banners and more. We can provide the necessary COVID-19 social distancing signs your business needs to keep everyone safe and keep everything running smoothly. The recommended signs include… signs that inform customers of any changes in business practices, social distancing markers such as floor graphics, hand-washing posters, signs reminded customers of good health habits and important safety information banners. 

Paper signs and tape floor markers while easy to get also get damaged quickly and won’t grab the customer’s attention. If they don’t see your sign because its unnoticeable or damaged then how can they know what you need them to do? Our signs, floor graphics, posters, and banners are made to be durable and eye-catching. No one will accidentally miss your message when you have professionally made safety signage. 

COVID-19 Safety Signage & Posters

Custom social distancing signs and posters are a great way to inform your patrons quickly and effectively. Remind everyone in your business how to stay healthy and safe or explain any changes to how your business functions during this outbreak with an easy to understand sign. Our signs, posters and banners are made to last, unlike paper which you’ll have to frequently replace. 

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Social Distancing Vinyl Floor Graphics

Many of us wouldn’t know what six feet apart looks like. Make it easy to practice social distancing with our vinyl floor graphics! Simple, highly visible and durable – these graphics will last you the entire outbreak and then some. Unlike tape markers, no customer will overlook these distancing markers – keeping your business safer and healthier.

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