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Check out the new tow truck we lettered for Rob’s Towing! It was done locally in our facility located just outside Philadelphia, PA by our highly skilled team. This new project was very different from our average truck lettering project. We converted a traditionally hand painted fleet into a vinyl lettered direction. This consumed countless hours creating hand painted vector art. One of the most fascinating parts about this project is the ability to now mass produce the fleet of tow truck graphics consistently. Each and every trucks’ custom pin striping is now identical from truck to truck. This eliminates the inconsistency of the original hand work required to paint the truck graphics.

This tow truck’s graphic kit is made from our easy to install, high performance line of supreme wrap film. It is designed to outperform the competition giving our customer a 5 year guarantee on all installed parts. All parts are printed on our 3M certified printers followed up with a high performance lamination process. It helps prevent UV wear for up to 5 years vertically and 1 year horizontally.

Rob's Automotive Collision Center Tow Truck Lettering and Graphics


3M MCS and Avery ICS Warranty

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When choosing fleet graphics, it is very important to consider maximizing the benefit of your graphics. Consider the route your vehicles will primarily follow. In this case, there is a lot of random stopping on the side of busy roads and highways. This led Rob’s Towing to choosing highly visible reflective vinyl material and chevron graphics for the rear of their trucks. For this application, we designed a pre spaced one piece solution for the rear vinyl truck lettering kits. This allows the customer’s truck decals to gain ultimate visibility from all rear traffic.

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