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We Can Design A Truck Wrap Fit For Any Industry

We Can Design A Truck Wrap Fit For Any Industry

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Any industry can benefit from a good truck wrap! It helps the business look professional and the truck not only transports but also acts as a mobile advertisement! With so many possibilities it might be hard to come up with good truck wrap ideas for your company’s truck. Slicks Graphics is here to help! We have years of experience and a team of talented designers to help you get the best vehicle graphics solution for your work truck!

A perfectly done truck wrap will leave positive impressions everywhere it goes. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the before and after pictures below. This truck for McHales started as a black slate. It could have been a truck from any company. Now the truck is wrapped in an eye-catching blue and graphics that tell everyone who sees it that McHales is an all-American, professional HVAC and plumbing company. Its clear to see what a difference that truck wrap has made!



Let Us Design The Perfect Truck Wrap For Your Business

When thinking about how your want your truck wrap to look, its important to keep a couple of things in mind. Color, font and graphics all contribute to your wrap’s and thus your company’s message or branding. It is also a good idea that your wrap works with your current or soon-to-be branding style. If, for example, your branding is that your company is smart and reliable then the colors, fonts, and graphics should convey that idea.

Colors should attract the eyes of those passing by, and all the colors used in the wrap should look good together or no one will want to look at your truck. Like for the McHale’s truck above, the blue is eye-catching and the red pops in contrast. Together the red, white and blue together give off the impression of this company being a good all-American business.

Fonts should be highly legible, so in general its good to stick with a blocky or simple font for any text on your wrap. Small, cursive, or otherwise fancier fonts can be hard to read especially at a distance. If someone sees your truck but can’t read the name, contact info or services then that becomes a missed chance to earn a new customer. If using a cursive-like font then it would be a good idea to let it be big and have some spacing to make it more legible.

Your graphics should make sense to what your your industry is. For example, if the McHale’s truck had images of lawn mowers that wouldn’t make sense since they aren’t landscapers. It would muddle their message and give off the impression that this isn’t a professional company. In this case they went with an American flag, which while doesn’t tell you what the company does it does work towards their branding and isn’t distract from the business information.

Check out some examples of our past truck wrap works for some ideas of good designs. From tow trucks, pickup trucks, food trucks and box trucks – we’ve done it all and can help you come up with the perfect wrap from your truck! Contact us today to start the process with a free consultation!


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