Wall Wraps

Why Wall Wraps are Superior
for Redesigning Spaces

Why Wall Wraps are Superior
for Redesigning Spaces

Imagine this: let’s say you enter a building for a job interview. Inside the walls are plain, maybe even cold looking. Whatever this company is, it’s not apparent what they do or the type of workplace they run. You can’t pinpoint the personality of the place and its uncomfortable. The lack of color and art leaves you feeling underwhelmed about the job opportunity. 

Now imagine this: you are the employer. Perhaps you’ve been looking for the perfect new employee, and it hasn’t been easy. You’re excited about this candidate but you can see the fading interesting in their face as they look around the workplace. First impressions are everything and this so far has been a bad first impression. 

The environment in which people work or visit greatly affects how they’ll feel about their experience there. Creating a visually interesting building will not only improve employee morale but also how guests or customers respond to the place. There are quite a few ways you can improve the energy and responses to your space – but wall wraps are perhaps one of the best options available.

So Why Should You Get Wall Wraps or Graphics?

Run a school? You can use wall graphics to up school spirit. Own a doctor’s office? Use wall wraps to create an interesting but calming waiting room. Run a museum? Use wall wraps to inform your guests in a visually interesting way. Is your kid’s bedroom bland? Wall graphics can easily give your kid the coolest room out of all their friends.

Is it time for a change in look? Wall wraps and graphics are easily removable. You can interchange wall wraps significantly quicker than you can repaint a space. So if you need to change the walls for your next exhibit, your kid grew out of their old decor or you just want a change in energy and scenery – it’s no problem when using wall wraps.

If you can think it, it can probably be done! There are various finishes such as matte, gloss, satin and textured. Take a look at some of the pictures below for some ideas on just how versatile wall graphics can be. All of these examples have been done by our team here at Slicks Graphics. We are 3M architecturally endorsed, so you know we can do your design and installation with incomparable professionalism.

Reinvent Your Business's Brand With
An Impressive Wall Wrap


You’ll notice how diverse wall wraps and graphics are. They can go on almost any surface, be incredibly colorful and simply look amazing in any building. So if you’re looking to improve the energy of the workplace, want to make a high-end display or just want to show your place’s personality – consider getting a wall wrap for the job! 

Ready to get that wall wraps or graphics project done? Slicks Graphics is ready to get to work for you! Talk to us today about what you need. You can call us at (215) 736-8000 or email us at info@slicksgraphics.com. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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