Caring For Your Vehicle Wrap

Okay, so you just got your vehicle wrapped, and now you want to make sure it always looks as good as the day you brought it home. More importantly, you want to make sure it lasts as long as it can. So how do you do it? It is recommended that you wait for the first two days after your vehicle is wrapped, and then after the initial 48 hours, you continue washing it every two weeks, or at least whenever it appears dirty. The longer you leave dirt and other contaminants on your vehicle wrap, the harder it is to remove.

Follow These Easy Steps

The best way is to wash your vehicle wrap by hand, with a hose and a mild soapy water solution. When choosing your detergent, it is important to avoid any strong soluble solutions, alcohol, or abrasive components. Use a mild car cleaning detergent, with a pH balance between 5 and 9, mixed with water.

  1. Start with a pre-rinse: Using a garden hose, rinse your vehicle wrap with clean water to remove loose dirt particles.

  2. Gently wash your vehicle: Using a mild soapy water solution and a soft microfiber towel
    cloth, start from the top of the vehicle and work down. Try to avoid any excessive scrubbing.

  3. Rinse: After washing, rinse your vinyl vehicle wrap thoroughly with clean water.

  4. Let the wrap dry naturally: If you are concerned with water spots, use a silicone squeegee to remove the water. Follow by drying with a non-abrasive towel or microfiber cloth.

Caring for Difficult Spots

For difficult spots, soak the contaminants with very hot, soapy water for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse the spot thoroughly and let it completely dry. Be careful not to use any rough scrubbing or tools on hard spots, as it will risk scratching the film.

It doesn’t take much to maintain your vehicle wrap. If you follow the proper maintenance care, your vinyl vehicle wrap will last for several years. Proper vehicle wrap care will keep your wrap looking as good as the day you first brought it home.

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