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Below the design team at Slicks Graphics, Inc. discusses the graphic design process followed in order to achieve eye catching van graphics. Our wraps and graphics perform and attract the attention of potential customers. We strive to provide the best in van wrap design and installation. The focus is simple following three easy basic questions…

Who is it?

What do they do?

How do I get in touch?

By answering these three simple questions, we are able to keep the layout of your van graphics clean and simple. This is actually a much greater option than something too busy or overwhelming. Busy graphics usually tend to lose the focus of your potential customers. This project exemplifies the 3 step design process paralleling an awesome theme utilizing great colors and special effects, while not making it impossible to figure out who owns the van, why they are in business and how you can get in touch with this company.

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Since we have an in-house graphic design department at Slicks Graphics, you don’t have to outsource your van design! We are a one stop shop and our team works diligently to build custom designs that will put you ahead of the competition. You’re in control of the process every step of the way. We talk to you about what you want as well as your business needs. From there we make a van wrap design that is perfect for your business and we will not move on until you are fully satisfied with it. Once you approve of the design, we make a test print with your material of choice. With your final approval means we can move to the installation process of the wrap! Check out our job for Davis Home Services, from design to install!

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The reality is you can easily spend a few thousand dollars on a full van wrap, but if the graphics can’t perform, than you will never justify this purchase. This is why so many businesses choose Slicks Graphics for their custom vehicle wraps and not the competition. Our portfolio is extensive being we wrap dozens of van wraps alone per year, while we also cover many other different types of vehicles with premium vinyl wraps and graphics including cars, food trucksbox trucks and even tractor trailers.

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