The Vehicle Wrap Process

From designing your wrap to production and installation, learn everything you need to know about the vehicle wrap process here.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a modern marketing tactic that functions much like a billboard. It advertises your business, goods, or services while you’re out on the road. The wrap itself is made from high quality vinyl with adhesive backing that sticks to your vehicle. When applied correctly, it will not harm your vehicles paint and, depending on the material chosen, can last up to 10 years before it needs replacing.

Read on to learn more about the vehicle wrap process!

Vehicle Wrapping Coverage

Which Style is Best for Your Vehicle?

Before beginning the vehicle wrap process, it may be helpful to know the differences in coverage. Depending on your budget or design goals, we offer different types of coverage for every vehicle. Each one  has its own pros and cons, so make sure to reach out to us with any questions you may have about these.

Van Spot Graphics

Lettering & Spot Graphics

This option is suitable for those with a limited budget who wish to advertise their business while they travel in their vehicle. Cost will vary depending on size and the quality of material that is used

Work Van Wrap for any Industry

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap is very versatile, as "partial" implies a bit more than spot graphics, but not quite as much as a full wrap. Coverage varies in shape and size, but can go from small portions to almost full coverage.

Full Vehicle Wrap for Vans

Full Wrap

A full wrap is, as the name conveys, full coverage of the whole vehicle. This may or may not include the roof, depending on the customer's request. Full wraps are often the most eye-catching while on the road.

The Vehicle Wrap Process

An Approximate Timeline of the Vehicle Wrapping Process

Our vehicle wrap projects follow a natural flow from design to installation. Our team of skilled workers are here to bring you the best possible product.

Designing a Vehicle Wrap

We Use Professional Software To Bring Your Idea to Life

Our design department offers in-house design services to help bring you the most cohesive and eye-catching wrap design just for your brand. Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll put together proofs with a few options and move forward from there. When the layout and colors are approved, we scale up the artwork and prepare it for the production team.

Designing a Van Wrap

Print & Production

High Quality Products Printed In-House

Once the design has been scaled and colors have been matched, our production team begins printing on our large format, high quality printers. The design is printed onto high-quality vinyl with adhesive backing. These are then laminated, then trimmed or cut, and passed on to the installation team.

nationwide decal kits

Vehicle Wrap Installation

Carefully & Professionally Applied

The Installation department preps all surfaces receiving vinyl lettering or graphics. The panels or pieces are then measured and aligned according to the proof. Once the pinned up graphics are approved by the designer, the adhesive vinyl is laid, smoothed out, and cut according to body lines and creases. If there is any confusion about the layout, the designer who worked on the project can always be consulted about any issues.

Once the whole wrap has been applied, it is then inspected for any issues and approved before handing it over to the customer.

wrapping everything

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