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Vehicle Wraps vs. Billboards

Why vehicle wraps are better than billboards for your business

Billboards are classic, being a staple in American business marketing since the late 1800s. They line our highways with advertisements, standing tall and blending into the landscape. The problem with billboards in the modern era is that the public doesn’t take them seriously anymore. Many people think of billboards as cheesy or, let’s be honest, don’t think about them at all! The immobile billboard no longer stands as the must-have method of advertising. Additionally, with the prevalence of electronic billboards, you are no longer the only advertisement on the billboard! Instead you are now sharing the ad space with other businesses and potential competitors. That is why advertising your business using a vehicle wrap is the way of the present while billboards are thing of the past.

Vehicle wrapping have become a modern approach in advertising, only just starting in the 1990s. Think of it as the next step in the evolution of advertising; the moving billboard, a mobile ad in the living world. Investing in a vinyl wrap will help take your business to the next level in the eyes of potential customers. Instead of blending in with the roadways, a wrapped vehicle stands out as it drives by on the road or parks at your destination.

wrap anything!
from smart cars
to fleets of tractor trailers!

Billboards vs. Vehicle Wraps

While billboards tend to be a flat image, a wrapped vehicle can have various colors and special effects, such as reflective features, metallic spot graphic overlays, and custom finished, which pop out to attract the eyes of customers. You are in control of what and where you advertise. Billboards are primarily found on highways or in cities which is useless to anyone whose business is not in those areas. On the other hand, vehicles are used and seen everywhere. Because of that vehicle wrap advertising is significantly more effective. So no matter where your business is if it’s a city or a rural town, a wrapped vehicle is an effective advertising tool. Wraps are also not exclusive to certain kinds of vehicles! Smart cars to trucks to vans and buses, they can all get installed, whatever your company drives can be wrapped. 

Comparing Costs

They are comparable when it comes to cost as well. Billboards, unlike vehicle wraps, have a monthly cost and a yearly cost to keep the ad up for long periods of time. Depending on where you want to have your sign your monthly costs can be $250 to $15,000 to keep your advertisement up. Then there are additional costs such as materials and designer fees. That’s a lot of money for such an outdated method!

Vehicle wraps can cost around $2,000 to $5,000 on average and wraps can last up to 5 years depending on certain conditions and how its cared for. Wraps are easily removable without damaging your vehicle, so if you need to update your design it’ll be an easy transition, meaning your ad can change over time with little hassle. Wherever you are in the nation you can get a design and install to your liking with ease. So not only are vehicle wraps more effective but also more cost-efficient than using a billboard. 

Cost effective, long lasting and good looking - vehicle wraps are a great investment for any business!

With all that in mind, are you ready to get a vehicle wrap advertisement for your business? Maybe it’s time to get a fresh wrap design and install? Slicks Graphics is ready to get the perfect design for you. The process is simple, reach out to us either by email ( or call us at (215) 736-8000. We will have a quick questionnaire just so you can tell us about what you need. After that, we will schedule a consultation. We’ll design you an awesome, eye catching wrap and once you’re completely satisfied with it we do a test print just to make sure we get it perfect. From there we are able to complete the installation. Are you not local to the NJ or PA area? Slicks is networked nationwide with 3M certified installers, so you are covered!